Hot Job 789


Structural Engineer




CA: Orange County area


2 - 7 years

Life Changing Opportunity!

Are you EXCITED to get up and go to work in the morning? If not, read on…

- Do you like working with people and solving problems?
- Are you tired of the “grind” of engineering design, and all the crazy deadlines?
- Are you tired of working in an industry that has such wild “economic” swings?
- Do you have 2 - 5 years of structural design experience?
- Do you enjoy giving presentations and being in a people interaction role?
- Do you enjoy technology for structural engineering?

If you answered yes to these questions, we may have a life changing opportunity for you!

Suggested Background

  • BS in Civil/Structural/Architectural Engineering (MS a plus)
  • 2- 7 years experience designing building structures with an enjoyment of using technology to solve structural problems. Concrete design experience very helpful
  • Excellent communication skills – written and verbal.
  • A desire for a "people oriented" role with a service oriented mindset
  • PE License