Upcoming/New Graduates

One of our goals is to help students find companies that match their career and personal goals, resulting in job satisfaction and reduced turnover. We hear the following questions often:

  • How can I figure out if companies have excellent training programs in place to mentor new graduates, or if they are just seeking new graduates because of the difficulty in finding experienced engineers?
  • There are a lot of great companies that come and recruit at our school, but they are mainly the bigger ones. What if I want to work for a smaller company?
  • What if I want to live in a certain location, but not many companies from there come to our school to recruit?
  • Are there any good resources to help new/upcoming graduates in structural engineering?

SE Impact can help you in several different ways as you choose a company to begin your career!  Below are Four resources we have put together to assist you.  (select any tab in the box below)

  1. SCIS Virtual Event:  view the recording of the 2020 SCIS Virtual Event, including 5 industry professionals.
  2. Find a Great Job:  seminar with tips to help you find a great career opportunity.
  3. SE Job Alert:  sign up to be notified when new positions become available
  4. Resume Upload:  send us your resume and transcripts so we better understand your background to assist you in finding a great position.
  5. SE Apprentice:  technical seminars on structural engineering topics for new graduates.
  • 1. SCIS Virtual Event
  • 2. Find a Great Job
  • 3. SE Job Alert
  • 4. Resume Upload
  • 5. SE Apprentice

In May 2020, AISC hosted a virtual Students Connecting with Industry Sessions (SCIS), in place of the live event scheduled for the North American Steel Construction Conference! This event features five industry professionals sharing their career experiences and professional insights at this particularly unique and challenging time. Join our candid conversation with these accomplished individuals to hear their career advice and personal perspectives in this live panel discussion. The panelists were unable to answer all of the audience questions received for the live 60-minute event, however they  provided their written responses to these questions.

Fill out the form below to get instant access to our seminar with tips on finding a job in today’s economy.



You may also email Brian to view the video

SE Job Alert allows us to notify you quickly when new exciting positions become available. Your information will not be sold or shared with other companies.

Send us your resume and unofficial transcript along with details on what type of opportunity you are seeking and in what geographic location. We can keep you in mind for future opportunities. Email Brian at [email protected]

Please visit www.SEAPPRENTICE.com for details on helpful technical seminars to assist structural engineering students and very recent graduates.