Our Process

Our goal is to learn more about the specific qualities and skills of the person you wish to hire along with your desired outcomes, so that we can help you hire the very best person for your company. To achieve this, we have a multi-step process as outlined below.

  1. Discovery Phase: In this phase, we learn more about the specific qualities and skills of the person you wish to hire and your desired outcomes in hiring someone. Our structural engineering background is particularly useful here in understanding the technical requirements of the position.
  2. Search Phase: In this phase, we conduct an active search for candidates who might be a match for the position. Since we have spoken to thousands of engineers over the years and maintain a database of their unique skills and interests and backgrounds, we are able to reach out to candidates with the specific background you are seeking.
  3. Interview Phase: In this phase, we assist in coordinating all interviews with candidates, including phone interviews, video interviews, and in-person interviews.
  4. Offer Phase: In this phase, we work with you to construct and present an offer that will be accepted by the candidate.
  5. Transition Phase: We work with both you and the candidate during the resignation process and subsequent initiation of employment with you. The resignation process is typically a stressful time for the candidate, so we keep in contact to ensure everything is progressing smoothly.

Our Search Options

We understand there are many ways in which companies approach the hiring process. Therefore, we have multiple options for structuring an agreement with you depending on what might work best for you. Please contact Brian Quinn, PE, President / Founder so that we can further discuss your needs.