Top Qualities – Positive Attitude

We were slow to get responses from last month’s article soliciting what characteristics of your best supervisors or colleagues inspired you to always improve and become better.  So, for this month I wanted to provide my own reflection.  My story comes from when I was a co-op student at Purdue living with my aunt & uncle in Indianapolis for a combined 5 semesters.  They are wonderful people and I learned a lot by living there.

I would say the trait they had that was most inspiring was a positive attitude.  Despite the many challenges of life, I can’t remember them ever having a negative response to anything.  They focus on the positive side of things and seem to always respond in a helpful way, even in difficult situations.   I always felt better after being around them and inspired to work hard for a positive outcome.

Have you ever noticed anything similar with people you know – where you always feel better after a conversation with them and feel inspired to accomplish more and have a more positive impact on others?  What if we all could work on this trait each and every day?  Any time you sense having a negative response to a situation, think about it before you react and either don’t say anything negative, or come up with a positive response.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas.  Have a wonderful and safe July!

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