“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

In an effort to “Pay It Forward,” SE University is happy to announce our “SEU Speaker Inspires” program in which our speakers can designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world.

Whitney McNulty, PE
BL Companies

In July 2015, Whitney McNulty, PE, from BL Companies, gave a talk on Flexural Design of Single Angle Members for SE University. He chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (http://www.jdrf.org/) for the donation of the month.

Whitney said this about his choice, “I chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for personal reasons.  Both of my children have juvenile onset diabetes, also known as type 1 diabetes.  This isn’t the diabetes for which you see all of the drug commercials on TV.  My son who is now 22 developed the disease when he was 11.  My daughter, now 19, became diabetic when she was 10, less than one month from the anniversary of my son’s date.  When my son became diabetic my wife and I had no history of diabetes in either of our families.  The doctors told us there was less than a 2% chance that siblings who are not twins will both develop the disease, so we thought that our daughter was safe.  Now both of my children have insulin pumps that they wear 24 hours a day, everyday.  They test their blood at least 7 times a day, and we have experienced very high and low blood sugars.  We’ve had a few visits from 911 personnel, including one time when the police had to break down a door to get into my house to help my son.  You can’t tell from looking at my children that they are diabetics, unless you notice their pumps, and they try to not let the disease limit their lives.  My prayer is that a way to prevent this condition is discovered, and that in the meantime, the lives of type 1 diabetics can be made easier by the work done by the JDRF.”

Thank you, Whitney, for helping structural engineers with your SE University session, and for your designation of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as our SEU Speaker Inspires Organization of the Month!


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