Attitude Actions for Being Positive at Work

by Lisa Willard, PE

Recently my daughter was brought into the School Counselor’s office to discuss something that had happened in one of her classes between two other students. She was telling me about it that evening, and after going over the entire situation, I told her that I had 3 rules for her to help her be successful in school (and hopefully life!).

1. Be kind

2. Don’t be part of the problem

3. If you have a problem, try to solve it yourself, if you can

A few days after this conversation, I was thumbing through Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude, and I ran across a page titled, “How can I be more positive at work?” I have written about the Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude before on our SE University Blog .  I appreciate the idea of having a positive, or YES! Attitude; I believe that people generally want to be around those who are positive, and this can lead to new opportunities. I was encouraged to read from his list of 12.5 Attitude Actions the following items that mirrored my rules for my daughter:

Be kind

3. Be willing to do for others without measuring

4. Be willing to help others without measuring

Don’t be part of the problem

7. Don’t join the bashing

8. Don’t join the pity party

9. Don’t join the revolt

If you have a problem, try to solve it yourself, if you can

10. Solve, rather than complain

If you’d like a chance to read the rest of this list (it’s on page 101), tell us one of your Attitude Actions for being more positive at work (or school) in the comments below. We’ll select one person at random, who’ll receive a copy of the Little Gold Book of YES! Attitude.


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