Evaluation of Cracking in Concrete Parking Structures {Video}

by Jenny Schultz

Do you know what contributes most to the lifespan deterioration of precast concrete parking structures?  Are you able to identify the culprit behind cracking throughout your parking structure rehabilitation projects?  Preventing and remediating cracks within parking structures requires a thorough understanding of the different ways in which concrete sections respond not only to gravity loads, but also to the unique environmental loads that affect these types of structures.

In the April 2016 SE University session, Evaluation and Repair of Precast and Post-Tensioned Concrete Parking Structures, Otto J. Schwarz, PE, SE, from Ryan Biggs | Clark Davis, presented an overview of typical cracking in concrete parking structures and some guidelines to help correlate the locations and root cause of these cracks.  The following 3 minute video clip includes more information about these common failures in concrete parking structures.



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