How Positivity Can Change Your Day

Positivity can have tremendous effects on our daily outlook. Positive thinking has been linked with increased lifespan, decreased rates of depression, and increased resistance to some viruses. With these, and many other health benefits, adding a dose of positivity just seems like good medicine. Old habits can be hard to change, but here are 3 ways to put a positive spin on your day:

First, only give focus to positive self-talk. These are the thoughts about yourself and your abilities that flutter in and out of your head throughout the day. Try to honestly evaluate whether a majority of your thoughts are positive or negative. Refrain from thinking any thought about yourself that you would not say out loud to someone else. Encourage yourself when you feel doubtful. When a negative thought enters, evaluate it rationally, but then replace it with affirmations about your character. Rather than tell yourself, “I’ve never done that,” think “This is a good opportunity to learn something new.”

Next, try to stop venting. Though it may seem harmless, if you have ever been around someone who complains constantly, you know how draining and unproductive it can be. Dwelling on all that is wrong with a situation will definitely convince you that there is little to be thankful for. Many times our complaints can be completely mindless, such as complaining about the weather or traffic. But excessive complaining can be a destructive habit, is typically ineffective at evoking change, and can lead to feelings of helplessness. Instead, try to limit complaints to situations in which you can create positive changes to your circumstances. This can lead to a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction, and thus improve our mood and outlook on life.

Lastly, be a positive force to the people around you. Positive people attract positive outcomes. Make it a daily habit to say something positive to a different person every day. It can be as simple as a quick compliment, or affirming your appreciation for your colleague. Look for specific ways to applaud others and their achievements, and you will be surprised at what effect it can have on those around you.

Positivity has a way of working itself back to you, so stay positive and look to reap the rewards!

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