Spring Clean your Inbox

April is just around the corner, and that might be the best time to set aside some time to clean out your digital inboxes.  Not only do most of us have hundreds of work emails that need to be sorted or responded to, but add in personal email accounts and the task seems overwhelming.  Here are some quick tips for gaining control of your overflowing inbox:

  • Pick a date.  Check the calendar and set aside some time to tackle the issue.
  • Avoid interruptions.  Make this task your priority for the allotted time on your schedule.
  • Look forward, not behind.  Commit to maintain organization of your inbox from this point forward.  Place all old emails in a folder, and label appropriately (ie. Old email, 2016 emails, etc).  Giving yourself a fresh start will help in your commitment to reducing email clutter.
  • Set up digital folders.  Set up folders with common job numbers, clients, co-workers, personal, and miscellaneous to properly sort emails as soon as they are received.  Do it immediately, and you will reap the benefits of a clean inbox!

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