Safety on the Jobsite

What can you do to be a part of the solution to jobsite safety next time you are out for inspections or construction meetings?  Here are several tips to keep safe and be a part of the team creating a safe workplace on the construction site:

  • Communicate.  Let those in charge be aware of your presence and ask about any potential hazards that may be present during your visit.
  • Be prepared.  Bring and wear appropriate safety equipment to prevent injury due to accidents.
  • Watch for instability.  Be vigilant to notice unstable materials and maintain a safe distance from walls or panels that are braced but not yet connected to the structure.  Mind all marked boundaries.
  • Climb with care.  Be sure to ask for assistance in using ladders, scaffolding, or lifts when visiting a jobsite.

Construction sites are constantly changing, and safety is everyone’s responsibility!  Read more in Working Well with Others, from the December 2014 edition of Modern Steel Construction, to learn about being a part of the solution.

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