Big Things First

Do you often have days where your feel like you’ve been busy all day, but haven’t gotten much done?  Perhaps it is because you are focusing on the little things rather than the big things.  Adopting a policy of always doing the big things first can help shift your focus to what is most important and will be most productive.  After all, to make big things happen, you have to tackle big issues first.  Craig Jarrow shares more about the importance of prioritizing our daily tasks in this article from Time Management Ninja.

But what about the little tasks, you might ask?  Isn’t it just as important to complete these as well?  Craig Jarrow offers insight and tips to make sure the little things don’t slip through the cracks in another helpful article from Time Management Ninja.

Let’s be honest, we can all stand to implement some new strategies to help increase our efficiency.  Changing our approach to tackling a long “To Do” list, might be the answer you need to making sure each day is filled with the big things, and not just the little things!

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