Time Management Tips for a Better Life

We’ve all been guilty of feeling like there is not enough time in the day to accomplish all the tasks that life throws at us.  But the truth is, we have the same amount of time as everyone else!  How do some people manage to accomplish more in their day than the rest of us?  If you are like me, I often considered time management to only apply to being on-time and prepared for each of my daily tasks, but the truth is that successful people use time management skills to increase the quality and scope of their life, both at work and at home.

I recently came across a podcast from Craig Jarrow at Time Management Ninja which outlines 10 Small Tips for Big Results in Your Life.  They include:

  1. Catch Up Each Day
  2. Read for 20 Minutes Each Day
  3. Work Out
  4. Learn a New Skill
  5. Meditate for 10 Minutes
  6. Keep a Journal
  7. Always Be Cleaning
  8. Turn Off the News
  9. Get Up Earlier
  10. Start a New Habit

While you may not be able to include all of these tips into your daily regime, Craig Jarrow stressed the importance of consistency in the changes you do make in your life.  I particularly identified areas that I need to improve my time management, and that includes eliminating wasted time mindlessly reading the daily news cycle, and also striving to learn some new skills.  

By focusing on two small changes, I can be more likely to be consistent in making them a part of my daily routine.  Craig offered tips and ways to implement these changes, so head over to his podcast at Time Management Ninja to learn more about how small changes can lead to a big impact in your life.

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