Mental Fitness in 2021

A recent study by Oracle found that 78% of employees in 2020 were negatively impacted by their mental health.  While 2020 may have been the most stressful year in recent history, 2021 offers the possibility of new habits, positive intentions, and boundless hope for improved work satisfaction.

As remote working continues for some and social distancing remains the norm in office environments, how can employees positively impact their mental health while remaining socially safe during the remainder of this pandemic and into an uncertain future?  As it turns out, many companies are taking note of the mental health status of the workforce and developing new ways to offer emotional support for workers.

New technologies have scaled at a rapid pace to meet the mental and physical health needs of a socially distanced population.  Apps such as Calm, Headspace and Insight Timer offer guided meditation, mindfulness tips, and calming music to improve sleep.  For more active learners, MindDoc or Happify offer daily exercises and evaluations to identify ways to change your cognitive behavior.  

Many workers have vowed to make positive changes to their health in 2021 and mental health deserves equal ground with physical health.  With many gyms and sports programs across the country still closed or at reduced capacity, fitness apps such as Peloton, DownDog, All / Out Studio, or Aaptiv can fill in the gaps for missing workouts.  Physical health certainly promotes mental health, so it is essential to maintain a healthy balance to see improvement.

Take time this year to invest in maintaining balance in all aspects of your health.  Modern technologies are available and created specific for workers suffering from anxiety, burnout, depression, and loneliness.  Many apps are available for free or offer free trials which can give you a window of opportunity to create a new, healthy habit in 2021.

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