Spring Clean your LinkedIn Profile

When was the last time you revamped your LinkedIn profile?  So many engineers only update this vital contact tool when they move or change employment status, but LinkedIn offers more benefits than simply providing contact and employment information.

LinkedIn is often the easiest way to find old colleagues that you may have lost contact with due to the boost LinkedIn profiles receive in search results on search engines.  This added visibility should make each user realize the importance of maintaining their LinkedIn profiles.  At the very least, your profile should include up-to-date employment information, job title, and current professional photo.  However, there are so many other ways LinkedIn can benefit your professional brand.

Considering that most employers also have LinkedIn accounts, it could be a wise career choice offer to help your employer maintain content.  Providing updates on current jobs under construction, or photos from a recent team-building event could show your commitment to your employer and enhance your visibility in the workplace.

LinkedIn is a great tool to keep abreast of new developments within your industry and maintain contact with professionals who you may have had a brief introduction at a conference, but would otherwise lose touch with.  However, this requires frequent use of monitoring posts by other groups and contacts, and responding to their achievements or announcements.  If you only check your profile when something on your end has changed, you miss the benefit of connecting with others when they have significant changes in their careers.

Updating your profile can lead to conversations that you may not have considered.  Taking the time to list your skills and recent accomplishments really affect your professional brand and will be noted by others that you don’t even realize.  You may be quite content in your job and not looking to be approached by recruiters, but LinkedIn has eclipsed as more than just a tool for recruiters.  Your professional profile shows your perspective on your career, and it would be wise to make that perspective meaningful to the many people viewing your profile, as you read this!

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