Seismic Questions Answered: Podium Structures

Podium structures have increased in popularity in recent years. Are you familiar with the 2-stage seismic analysis procedure in ASCE 7 and necessary structural considerations with this type of structure?  ASCE offers guidance for this procedure, but some provisions are more straightforward than others.

In the June 2023 SEU session, Emily Guglielmo, PE, SE, from Martin/Martin, presented ASCE 7 Frequently Asked Questions (Seismic).  Emily covered many frequently asked questions regarding seismic design according to ASCE7 and explained the rationale for key updates to ASCE 7-16 and ASCE 7-22 seismic load provisions. 

Emily clarified several questions on the 2-stage seismic design of podium-type structures.  To hear Emily explain the most commonly confused provisions, watch this short 3 minute video:

ASCE 7 has included some changes in the 2022 cycle to clarify past confusion with the 2-stage procedure, and as Emily noted, more work is forthcoming on the 2-stage seismic analysis provisions to clarify this procedure for practicing engineers and code officials in future editions.

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