Improve Your Focus in 2024

Digital notifications, chatty co-workers, and news alerts… Text messages, internet searches, and phone calls… With attention spans declining and distractions on the rise, what can we do to reclaim our focus in 2024?

There are many ways we can improve our focus, but all methods aim to reduce distractions.  Set small goals initially, and then work toward implementing some changes to your daily routine.  These changes may include forming a detailed schedule and assigning time limits for various tasks and breaks, using alarms to stay on schedule, setting digital notifications to “Do not disturb” while engaged in a task, or creating time for exercise breaks to boost your energy throughout the day.  One trick to eliminate falling into the digital rabbit hole of endless news alerts or social media stories might be to include a small reward, such as a coffee refill or quick check in with a coworker, when you successfully end your scheduled time set aside for scrolling on your devices.  Creating a list of daily priorities might be necessary, and then any less important or distracting tasks that pop up throughout the day can be added to the bottom of the list, to be addressed at a later time.  Focus has also been shown to improve when we make healthy choices such as minimizing sugary foods, getting enough sleep at night, and reading or meditating outside of work.

Interruptions are unavoidable, but establishing a plan to maximize productivity and minimize distractions can improve our ability to focus, especially while at work.  Keep it simple and adopt a few changes to your daily routine, and see how your focus returns in 2024!

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