SE Solutions Provides Scholarships to 2 Graduate Structures Students from Purdue University (2024)

SE Solutions was pleased to recently present scholarships to two Purdue University Structures students to help defray the cost of their education.  Luis Fernandez and Eliza Mount were the recipients of the awards. This is the eleventh year that SE Solutions has offered the scholarships.

Luis Fernandez received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at EAFIT University in Colombia in 2019 and his M.S. degree in the Department of Civil Engineering at Purdue University in 2023. Between his bachelor’s and master’s programs, he worked in construction and project management roles for four years. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. at Purdue University. His research interests are the maintenance and inspection of bridges, the application of virtual and augmented reality for infrastructure systems, and the qualification of concrete anchorages for seismic events. After completing his graduate school studies, Luis would like to join the industry through roles that allow him to combine his multiple technical interests with his passion for project management.

Eliza Mount received her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Structures from Purdue University in May 2023. She is pursuing a master’s degree through the 4+1 Program at Purdue with expected MSCE graduation in August 2024. She does research with the Resilient Extra-Terrestrial Habitats Institute (RETHi) at Purdue, funded by NASA. Outside of classes and research, Eliza enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. After completing graduate school, she plans to move to Florida to work as a construction manager or project engineer on a construction site.

SE Solutions would like to congratulate each recipient and wish them future success in their fields of study as structural engineers.


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