Mortar Joint Repair Tips

Masonry buildings often show signs of distress or deterioration for a variety of reasons, and building owners typically become concerned when cracking becomes noticeable.  While the cause of the cracking should be investigated and remediated, what then can be done to repair the often extensive cracking throughout the masonry facade? 

In March 2024, D. Matthew Stuart, PE, SE, P.Eng., from Partner Engineering & Science gave a two-part presentation on Building Envelope Deterioration, Investigation, and Repair.  In the first half of the presentation, Matt reviewed roof diaphragms, facade and cladding materials, and the different types of deterioration that may be encountered on building envelopes.  

Matt offered advice on repointing mortar joints that show signs of distress or deterioration to facilitate a successful repair.  To hear Matt review his most pertinent tips for repairing damaged mortar joints, watch this short 4 minute video:

Click below to access and print your own copy of the slide showing Matt’s useful typical mortar repointing detail and notes.

Masonry facade repair should be performed as soon as the cause has been identified and remediated in order to minimize further damage and water intrusion into the building envelope. Using these useful tips, the masonry facade can be repaired and extend the service life of the structure.

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