“SEU Speaker Inspires” Organization of the Month: Wounded Warriors Project

Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng University of Cinncinati

In April 2017, Patrick Fortney, PhD, PE, SE, P.Eng, from the University of Cinncinati, presented The Chevron Effect – A Paradigm Shift in Approach to Analysis. He nominated Wounded Warrior Project (https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/) for the SEU Speaker Inspires donation of the month.

Patrick shared why he chose the WWP: “The mission of the Wounded Warrior Project is to honor and empower wounded warriors who incurred a physical or mental injury, illnesses, or wound, co-incident to military service on or after September 11, 2001. As with most veterans, these veterans served our country not out of any political bent or personal goal; they made selfless commitments to protect and preserve the great freedoms that we as Americans enjoy and vowed to resist anyone acting to take our freedoms from us.

The Wounded Warrior Project not only addresses the physical ailments of these veterans but, takes a holistic approach to helping veterans to once again acclimatize to their private and personal lives; addressing issues not only suffered by the veterans but, by their families as well. I encourage everyone to view the testimonials of the wounded veterans and their families to which this charity has served. We cannot overlook or underestimate the sacrifices made by our veterans.”

Thank you, Patrick, for helping structural engineers with your SE University session, and for your designation of Wounded Warrior Project as our SEU Speaker Inspires Organization of the Month!



SE University began the SEU Speaker Inspires program in 2015 as a way to “pay it forward”, enabling our speakers to designate a charity/organization of their choice for SE University to make a donation to help improve our world.

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