13. Unique Non-Traditional Opportunity

13. Unique Non-Traditional Opportunity

"Before Brian became my job placement guru, I was fortunate to have him as a mentor in my life (whether he knew it or not!) Having met Brian while I was still in college, I had the opportunity to talk with him in detail about the path he took to find a career that was a nice blend between engineering and sales. This was incredibly important to me, as I was, at the time, a graduate-level engineering student who was not quite sure whether engineering was the best fit for my life. Hearing Brian's story, however, I learned, for the first time, that I had options beyond a 100% technical position. Just knowing that other options existed freed me of my most prominent concern, which was that as an engineer I would forever abandon my natural communication skills and instead be pigeon-holed into number crunching.

After college, I maintained contact with Brian, calling him occasionally to discuss how I could get to the next step in my career and what I could do to identify my long-term goals. Though he was likely performing recon for a future placement opportunity, Brian was never aggressive about his sales pitch. He would talk to me about opportunities that he presently had available, while also taking the time to listen patiently as I explained my expectations to him. He always offered down-to-earth advice that worked for me, even though it meant that I would not be the one to fill the open positions for which he was currently recruiting. I trust, however, that Brian was keeping track of all the data he gathered and, using the analytical skills only an engineer can possess, determining how he could help find me a career path that would meet all of my expectations.

And that is exactly what he achieved - nearly six years out of graduate school, Brian approached me with a unique, non-traditional job opportunity that has been a perfect fit. He found a position that combines engineering, sales and marketing, which were the three "must-haves" on my perfect job description. Brian took care to place me somewhere he felt would keep my interest - just as he was always interested in ensuring that a position met my needs, I can tell that he was also concerned about finding a candidate who would be an ideal fit at the company in question, instead of someone who could be a flight risk in just a few months or years. In addition, Brian maintained the same level of support and patience through the interview process. A somewhat ominous business climate delayed the decision making process on my hiring, but Brian kept in contact with my new firm and always kept me updated on what was happening - practically on a weekly basis. He also offered great interviewing advice and served as top-notch negotiator, ensuring that my new company brought me in with a competitive hiring package.

All-in-all, I cannot say enough great things about working with Brian and SE Solutions. To this day, I continue to introduce him to friends who are trying to find themselves in the industry - even if they are just seeking advice. And, I think I speak for them all when I say that Brian always offers thoughtful, personal responses that have helped immensely as we try to find our ways."

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