12. Moving to a Non-Traditional Role as a Structural Engineer

12. Moving to a Non-Traditional Role as a Structural Engineer

I was just about to get out of the construction industry, until I found Brian...

...Or perhaps I should say, "Brian found me".

It only took about 2 years for me to realize I made a mistake with my career choice. Originally intending to be an architect (ending up a structural engineer), I had no idea what I really wanted. Naturally, the first job that came up, I grabbed. The first job was for a top-notch structural design firm. As great as that sounds, I didn't like the tedious grind and the double-edged deadlines that popped up every week. The more I grew weary, the more I started to look for different work.

After applying to a number of places, Brian approached me after finding my resume. We talked about my current state of mind, how I was feeling about my job and where I wanted to take my life, moving forward. I could already tell he genuinely cared about my interests. To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted - I just knew I'd had enough with design engineering. As a result, Brian presented me with a couple non-traditional jobs that were currently on the market. I was hesitant at first but gave him the benefit of the doubt. He gave my information to the companies and snagged me an interview with my preferred choice.

Although getting the job offer was one of the hardest and most grueling processes I've ever experienced, Brian was there every step of the way. He helped talk me thorugh every wrinkle of the hiring process; giving me helpful tips, tricks, and even reviewed my resume and interview presentation. I like to think I would have got the job without anyone's help, but it's hard to imagine it would have happened without Brian.

If you're looking so far as to change your life and career, or perhaps just find a new job doing the same old thing, Brian is your guy.